Our Reviews

I am so grateful for your immediate response to my pump problem recently. I hope you know how comforting/secure it feels to know Capitol Pools is there when I need help
— Anne T.
Ben was awesome, we signed the contract and he started digging the next day. He's down to earth and easy to talk to. Aldolpho and the rest oh his crew were very hard workers who took pride in their work. They worked like I was raised to work and I was proud to have them installing my pool. Awesome job guys!!
— Kristen F.
Awesome customer service, in the office as well as on the job site. This company has workers that are clean and professional and do excellent work. We are so happy we chose to do business with them in the Garner location and will continue.
— Theresa M.
Extremely helpful! They answered all our questions and didn't rush us out.
— Kristen T
Great personal service. Nice people got what I needed
— Lisa A.
Very nice owners.polite service good product.
— Paul C.
Great people with a common goal, making your pool experience awesome. Thanks for all the help you've been to me in getting my water issues corrected.
— Chris L.
We have been customers for 20 years, and Ben and his team has seen us through all of our needs. They are very responsive and knowledgeable. I’ve followed their directions for pool maintenance and have had a perfect pool for many years because of this. You can definitely count on them to do their part!!
—Nola A.
Super experience in pool care. Great friendly personnel in store that are exceptional in knowledge and giving instructions. Owner, as well, is fabulous to work with in that he is quick to respond and render assistance. He and his pool care givers are so very keen and capable on pool openings and closings, installations of the pool or liners, and general chemical questions in caring for a pool that I can't imagine using anyone else for keeping my precious pool in great shape to enjoy. Love them
—  Pat H.
My family has been using Capitol Pool for all our pool needs for more years than I can remember. We have an in-ground concrete pool that was built in the 1970's. We get all our supplies from Capital Pool and they take care of opening and closing our pool each year and any repairs that are necessary. They have been great to work with. They are professional, prompt and courteous. They are also fair and honest in all their dealings
— Beverly D.
Capitol Pool installed our pool 9 years ago, the pool is still in perfect condition, no crack , concrete or wall move, no liner or pool bottom deformation , like I have seen with some competitors pool owned by friends or neighbors.
I have stayed in touch with Capitol Pool for the past 9 years but I like to do things by myself , so I have not been the perfect customer asking Capitol Pool to do all the maintenance for me. I do my own pool water testing and do all the technical maintenance by myself.

What I have extremely appreciated with Capitol Pool is that even if I am not asking them to do the maintenance and not buying tones of products or equipment every years, they have always considered me like a first citizen customer, giving me outstanding advice and offering very competitive price for everything I bought.

As an example, I got a leak from my diatome filter which was draining diatome powder back inside the pool, and I was ready to change the complete filter screen, but the shop owner (Ben) just told me to change the little plastic valve at the top of the filter, and this was the problem, I am not sure that all pool maintenance company would have done the same advice.

At another occasion, I got stain on my liner, and the employee (Josh) gave me the right chemical to cure the problem.
At another time I got phosphate in the pool and my chlorinator lost a lot of efficiency, again Capitol Pool found the problem and helped me to solve it.

More recently my vacuum cleaner was not working, Capitol Pool fixed it, changed the motor very quickly, and I got the vacuum back the day after having brought it to their shop. And in addition I was few day close to the end of the warranty, and nothing was argued or said about that by Capitol Pool.
I could write much more about the help and good services I have received from Capitol Pool during these 9 years, the list goes one and one, the shop owner is very professional, and his team is very well managed by him, and very knowledgeable, as a result it’s always a pleasure to interact with them.
A lot of contractors have worked on my house and property, and I can say that Ben is one of the very few that I will recommend for new projects, or for services.
— Jean C.